Something Amazing Bloomed on the First day of Summer! The first Walk for KHAIR walkathon raised nearly $8,000! On June 21, 2014, Community Health Network of Connecticut hosted the first Walk for KHAIR walkathon, which raised $7,882 dollars. All proceeds were donated to KHAIR,  our self-esteem boosting program for at-risk teens.To date, more than 250 people have contributed to the walkathon by donating directly through Crowdrise,  off-line donations or by purchasing a KHAIR ribbon or walk for KHAIR t-shirt. More than 70 walkers, comprised of co-workers, families, KHAIR volunteers and even a few “four legged” friends, came together to complete the 5 mile walk on the beautiful first day of summer at the Quinnipiac River Linear Trail in Wallingford. We even received a warm welcome from the park’s community walkers who greeted us with smiles or accompanied us along our walk. Some generous neighbors even visited our information table to learn more about our program, donate funds and sign up to become volunteers. The heart beat of a non-profit is it’s volunteers and supporters. We are extremely fortunate to have very passionate and dedicated volunteers. As an example of exemplary KHAIRing, our top three walkers, Jacqueline Buster, Karianne Holness and Caroline Valenta collectively raised over $3,000! Absolutely amazing! The Walk for KHAIR was a tremendous success and we are extremely grateful to all who participated, made a donation, and volunteers who hosted this outstanding fundraiser. We know there are people in our community who KHAIR! Did you miss the walk and want to make a donation to KHAIR? Click here to show your support today

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