Cars 4 Causes®

New C4C logo

We now accept car donations!

CHNCT Foundation has chosen Cars 4 Causes® to process all of our vehicle and boat donations. Cars 4 Causes® is America’s 1st vehicle donation organization, so rest assured they have the experience to get the most for our cause. Our mission is to advance, support, and promote programs, and activities that fundamentally improve the health status of the people of CT.


1. Vehicle Donations are Tax Deductible

The IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction of the value of your vehicle up to $500 OR the amount your vehicle sells for if the sales price exceeds $500. Check with your tax advisor to determine how your vehicle donation will benefit your specific tax situation.

2. Fastest Way to Get Rid of Your Vehicle With No Cost to You

Once your donation information has been confirmed, your vehicle can be picked up as quickly as 24 hours in most states, or its sale arranged after all the necessary paperwork has been received. There is never any cost to pick-up your vehicle donation.

3.Your Vehicle is Sold and We Receive a Check.

Once your vehicle has been sold, all of the required paper work is processed and the final accounting is completed a check is sent to Us and a Tax Receipt is sent to You. It couldn’t be easier, so don’t wait, donate today!

Visit Our Cars4Causes Page here : 

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