2015 KHAIR Season Has Begun!

Self Esteeem 2015The 2015 KHAIR Classic Spring Season began on Saturday, March 14, 2015. Twelve participants between the ages of 13-17 began a twelve-week program that kicked off with a Self-Esteem workshop. The presenter for the self-esteem workshop was Camela Melendez – a retired New York City adjunct professor and cancer survivor with over 20 years of teaching experience. “We have a diverse group of kids with hidden talents and abilities,” Camela says. “We are excited to work with them as they learn how to achieve levels of confidence that surpasses their own limitations!”

Camela edit

KHAIR (pronounced “care”) serves at-risk youths by pairing them with hairstylists and barbers who commit to providing complimentary services. The program emphasizes one-on-one mentor/youth relationships combined with a range of individual and group activities, including self-concept and self-esteem-building workshops. The program helps young people not only learn about grooming to improve their appearances, but also provides positive adult role models who are successful business people and who demonstrate healthy ways to relate to others.

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