Cooking Matters CT Thanks their College Interns !

ICM_CONAGRA-txt_horiz_CMYK_newt is always wonderful when a new team of volunteers and interns join Cooking Matters to widen our organization. These past few months, we have had the pleasure to work with several college students who share a love for food, combined with the desire to help those around them. We would like to express a special thank you to Shanaira Fogle, Nargis Karampurwala, Krystle Bieber, Keanna Nelson, Kayla Mitchell, Jasmine Campbell and Allie Beaulieu. These interns can attest to the many good things Cooking Matters does within the community!

While participating as a volunteer for Cooking Matters, you can expect to work as both teacher and student. You will learn surprising practicalities, like how many grams of sugar you should eat per day. You will also see just how often kids wear their hearts on their sleeves and how much they truly enjoy learning ways they can improve their health.

We are always searching for amazing new people to join our Cooking Matters family, whether it is through volunteering or creating a partnership. If you are interested in working with us, please contact


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