Cooking Matters Connecticut at Family Day in Meriden!

Meriden Picture

Cooking Matters continues to help families, adults, parents, teens, and children all over the state of Connecticut.

We see what a positive difference Cooking Matters makes in the lives of the kids we teach. It’s always exciting for them to go home and show loved ones what new discoveries they’ve made in the kitchen.

One recent program highlight was our Family Day event in Meriden, with children between the ages of six and nine from the John Barry School. A special guest was our program director, Terry Young.

The kids were taught a variety of healthy snack recipes and took part in some taste-testing activities. They were also taught how to hold a knife, how to measure ingredients, and the five food groups.

In one activity, five boys—Darren, Alex, Gerald, Jayvon, and Franklin—eagerly showed family members a few of their favorite recipes and talked about what they had learned in class. Darren said that his favorite recipe was the yogurt parfait.  “We actually learned how to use the 5 food groups in this one recipe, and you wouldn’t believe one of the ingredients we used…carrots!” Then all five kids showed the families how to make a yogurt dip with fruit and a smoothie. Each of the kids demonstrated what he had learned and took turns measuring out and stirring the ingredients.

It was amazing to hear the kids share what they had learned in their six weeks with Cooking Matters!



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