A Modern Tea 2016 : coming soon!

AMT STD photo 2016

The exquisite Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale will be the setting for a celebration of 10 years of promoting health and wellness for the residents of Greater New Haven at A Modern Tea on Saturday, April 16, 2016.


With a new theme – The Heart of the Matter – a new venue, and Honorary Co-Chairs Toni Harp, Mayor of the City of New Haven, and Marta Elisa Moret, First Lady of Yale University, the A Modern Tea 2016 tea promises to be our best yet!  We’ve also expanded our health and wellness options to include discussions on:


·          Breast Health: Pre and Post Cancer

·          Medicinal Mushrooms: The New Fountain of Youth

·          Hands on CPR: Two Steps to Staying Alive

·          Life Coaching: The Journey Back to You

·          Tea Tasting: Chinese Tea Demonstration

·          Enjoying Wine as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle.

See all AMT 2016 Workshops here!

No matter what your health care goals are, we’ve designed a highly engaging health awareness program that touches on the heart of the matter. Attendees will be equipped with important health information to increase your awareness and help you and your loved ones make better decisions about your health and care options.

How ironic that we are bringing the Tea back to the city of New Haven where it all began 10 years ago! We have touched so many lives in this journey and we want to invite all of our old friends, new friends, and those that have yet to experience A Modern Tea.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 16, 2016 as we celebrate together with this milestone event!


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