Cooking Matters Connecticut Trains the Trainers

The Cooking Matters Connecticut family expanded in a delicious way by welcoming eight New Haven residents for a “Train the Trainer” orientation earlier this year. This orientation focused on educating future instructors and assistants who will help implement the Cooking Matters classes in their communities.

We were privileged to have three adults and five young people attend this orientation. Notably, one of the attendees was a graduate of a Cooking Matters for Adults course at CitySeed held over the summer.

Each participant learned how to engage a group in a cooking and nutrition activity. Instructors gave tips on how to support learning and keep participants actively involved. Tips included:

  • Allowing participants to explore their own thoughts vs. being given answers
  • Encouraging voluntary participation rather than calling on individuals
  • Discussing why ingredients are chosen
  • Incorporating the cooking and nutrition experience of participants


Cooking matters blog photo 2

The youngest participant was 10 years old and proved to be an outstanding cook and leader. The group was broken up into three small groups, where attendees worked together to create homemade granola, a yogurt parfait, and fruit smoothies.

Having completed the training, each participant is now able to facilitate classes in their neighborhoods. It is always a special moment when we can expand our Cooking Matters Connecticut family!



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