What Is KHAIR?

KHAIR brochure snapshot

KHAIR (pronounced “care”) Taking Care of Kid’s Hair one head at a time, serves at-risk youth by offering one-on-one mentoring relationships and a range of workshops designed to teach important life skills and bolster self-esteem.

How We Empower:

KHAIR brochure snapshot 3

In addition to the above knowledge-building workshops, KHAIR partners with local salons and barber shops to teach KHAIR kids about grooming and improving their appearance. These dedicated stylists and barbers provide three complimentary service appointments and also serve as mentors and role models while our KHAIR kids work to develop their confidence.


Who KHAIR’s?

We do, and we hope you do too!

You can help the KHAIR program and the kids in need that it serves in a number of ways from donating resources directly to volunteering your time. We receive generous support from a number of local professionals, who offer their time to present life skills workshops for our KHAIR kids. Volunteers can also donate their time at a KHAIR event or help provide transportation for KHAIR kids. If you are a licensed hair stylist or barber, you can join our network of mentors and make a difference by providing complementary hair services and becoming a role model to a KHAIR participant.

Where do I sign up?

It’s simple! Visit our website at http://www.wekhair.org to see the variety of ways you can help KHAIR serve at-risk kids or email us at khairinfo@chnct.org to get started. When you join our team of volunteers, you will have the unique ability to have a positive impact on the life of an area teenager. Please consider this great opportunity and join us in making a difference! You can also donate on our website by clicking “Donate Now!”  Whether you decide to volunteer, donate or both, you can make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth in your community by supporting KHAIR today.


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