A Moment in Time: KHAIR Pilot Program graduates!


(Pictured left to right:Joerenid, Yolanda, DayJon, Nicole, Di-Angelita)

On Thursday, February 4th, five participants graduated from the KHAIR six-week pilot session. The KHAIR six-week pilot is a shortened version of the KHAIR classic 12-week program. The students met at the New Haven Free Public Library and attended workshops on Self-Esteem, Visionary Goal Setting, and Nutrition Education.

Joerenid Caban, Nicole Vazquez, Yolanda Hernandez, Di-Angelita Valle Santiago and DayJon Bentley each have their own unique determination, charisma, and sense of style. Over the course of their six-week KHAIR program, they banded together to set laudable goals and enhance their sense of self-worth.

Congratulations to our KHAIR Pilot Program graduates!  We wish you each much success in your future endeavors.


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