KHAIR Program graduates 14 and introduces 3 new exciting components!

IMG_7639“Thank you for having a great session, my daughter really needed this.”

“Am I able to repeat the program again? I really liked coming to this!”

These were some of the comments we heard following the graduation for the Fall KHAIR Program on Saturday, November 17. We celebrated 14 students who successfully completed the six-week program.


This session, the students were introduced to three NEW components to the program:

  • Health Literacy – students learned about hypertension, diabetes, and important health numbers related to their overall health.
  • Social Media & Bullying – students discussed various forms of bullying, how to handle bullying, and how to properly and responsibly use social media.
  • College Tour – students were taken around the Southern CT State University campus to learn about where classes are held, different ways students use the campus, and the responsibilities of a college student.

In addition, the students participated in the classic workshops: financial literacy, dress for success, nutrition, all about me, and team building.


Students presented their business ideas with their groups at graduation, as well as spoke individually about what they learned or gave a brief motivational speech about one thing they would say to their generation.

The program and graduation were held on a college campus thanks to our partnership with Southern CT State Univ. Dept. of Public Health.

We would also like to thank our partners Clifford Beers and Cornell Scott Hill-Health Center and our tremendous team of volunteers for their support to continue to make the program successful.


Help us congratulate our graduates!

Overall, KHAIR had a successful year :

24 Referrals Received:

20 Participants Graduated

100% Graduated Rate

65% Perfect Attendance Rate

Volunteers: 10

Interns: 1

If you are interested in partnering or volunteering with us for the Spring 2019 session, please contact us at 203-949-4023 or

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