New Cooking Matters Video Series!


Cooking Matters Connecticut collaborated with Trinity Health – Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center and Hartford Public Access Television (HPATV) for the purpose of filming a six-week class series to promote the program. It will also serve as a useful tool for participants to go back for a refresher on what they learned or to see what they missed, if there is class during the six weeks in which they are unable to attend.

The filmed series highlights some of the main talking points and hands-on activities we cover on nutrition, budgeting, label reading, cooking, kitchen lingo, and safety topics, while also teasing the more in depth lessons people could learn if they were to sign up for a six-week series themselves. Through this project, Trinity Health – Saint Francis Hospital & Medical Center hopes to spread awareness that people can sign up for a class though them at various locations around Hartford, CT.

All partners involved are confident that when people see what a Cooking Matters class is, how it is run, plus how fun and interactive it is, viewers will be eager to sign up to participate in a class series as well. When people watch an episode or the full series, they will see Cooking Matters classes offer a perfect balance of discussion-based and hands-on learning. They will be able to see actual pages from the Cooking Matters book, recipes being made from scratch, and an example of a Cooking Matter Mock Tour.

Also, sprinkled throughout the series, other participation incentives are mentioned, such as, receiving a copy of the book and free groceries to practice the recipes at home, getting out of the house and making new friends or bonding with family, and gaining knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime. The participants featured in the series shared many personal stories about how they are now capable of navigating past tricky, food industry practices and marketing strategies that have plagued them in the past; and how they are able to benefit from other skills they attained from having attended classes.

The recording will be available for viewing to Hartford residents on Channels Channels 5 PUB and 95 EDU and accessible their YouTube channel. The end of each episode let’s people know how they can get in contact with Cooking Matters CT to sign up for a class or even become volunteer.

Special thanks to our class manager, Kellie Gilbert, who “starred” in these videos, as well as to Kellie, Nargis Karampurwala and Keshia Tigner who worked with the team at HPATV to edit and develop the videos.

Click here to view or click the picture above.

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