Golf 2016 was a success!

We would like to extend our thanks to every contributor for our 11th Annual Cornell Scott Memorial Golf Classic held on August 15th at Lake of Isles. The tournament raised over $50,000 that will directly benefit our programming across the state.

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A Moment in Time: KHAIR Pilot Program graduates!


(Pictured left to right:Joerenid, Yolanda, DayJon, Nicole, Di-Angelita)

On Thursday, February 4th, five participants graduated from the KHAIR six-week pilot session. The KHAIR six-week pilot is a shortened version of the KHAIR classic 12-week program. The students met at the New Haven Free Public Library and attended workshops on Self-Esteem, Visionary Goal Setting, and Nutrition Education.

Joerenid Caban, Nicole Vazquez, Yolanda Hernandez, Di-Angelita Valle Santiago and DayJon Bentley each have their own unique determination, charisma, and sense of style. Over the course of their six-week KHAIR program, they banded together to set laudable goals and enhance their sense of self-worth.

Congratulations to our KHAIR Pilot Program graduates!  We wish you each much success in your future endeavors.


First Wilbur Cross High School KHAIR graduates!


(Pictured from left to right :Justin M., Ashley, Jaquasia, Danae, Yaqueline, Justin, Leah , Angeliz)

On Wednesday, February 3, eight students from the Wilbur Cross High School in New Haven completed KHAIR’s – The Road to Success pilot program.  This was a new six-week program consisting of a series of workshops for juniors and seniors in preparation for life after high school. The group met every Wednesday after school and participated in a new workshop each week covering Visionary Goal Setting, Dress For Success, Nutrition Education, Social Etiquette, Financial Literacy and Enhancing Me.

Assistant Principal, Monica Joyner, told the graduates “I am so happy to see you all complete this program!  You are our inaugural group for KHAIR at Wilbur Cross High School.”

A favorite workshop of Leah Rivers, a junior and a KHAIR – The Road to Success participant, was Nutrition Education. Rivers said, “in addition to exercising, nutrition plays an important role in living healthy”. The Nutrition Education class was facilitated by Nargis Karampurwala, from Cooking Matters CT, who taught the students about the 5 food groups while they learned to prepare simple recipes such as hummus, fruit salad and a parfait made with low fat yogurt and dried fruits.


(Pictured : Leah Rivers)

Elvin Melendez, KHAIR Program Manager, led the new pilot program and reflected on its success,”I am excited about this partnership and I’m in the process of promoting our next module which starts in March. I want to see more students participate and experience the benefits of the Enhancing me workshop”.

Congratulations to our first graduates – Jaquasia Bowman, Justin Gomez-Stafford, Angeliz Gonzalez, Yaqueline Manzanares, Justin McLaurin, Danae Rivers, Leah Rivers, and Ashley Sanchez. They are all great kids who embraced this new program and are now better prepared for their lives after high school.


A Modern Tea is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, and you’re invited!


What began in 2006 as a heart health event for women has grown into a spectacular annual affair promoting health and wellness for the residents of Greater New Haven. Hosted by the Community Health Network of Connecticut Foundation, Inc., A Modern Tea heads into its second decade on April 16th at a new and larger venue, the Omni New Haven Hotel at Yale.

There is something for everyone at this year’s A Modern Tea, which celebrates this milestone anniversary with the theme “The Heart of the Matter.” No matter what your health care goals may be, our lineup of fun and informative workshops will provide you with information on how to live a healthier life. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about different kinds of tea that can help fight certain health issues. Perhaps you’d like to broaden your knowledge of wine and how it can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. These enticing subjects are just two of our six workshop topics available to you.


Since shopping is good for the heart, our guests will also be able to browse and purchase wonderful items at our one-of-a-kind Heart Boutique. Guests can even take a chance on winning by participating in our exciting raffle or bidding on one of our fabulous auction items.

Registration is open now and space is limited, so reserve your spot at this milestone affair today! Visit to learn more about the event and to purchase your tickets.

Come and celebrate with us at A Modern Tea – The Heart of the Matter!

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What Is KHAIR?

KHAIR brochure snapshot

KHAIR (pronounced “care”) Taking Care of Kid’s Hair one head at a time, serves at-risk youth by offering one-on-one mentoring relationships and a range of workshops designed to teach important life skills and bolster self-esteem.

How We Empower:

KHAIR brochure snapshot 3

In addition to the above knowledge-building workshops, KHAIR partners with local salons and barber shops to teach KHAIR kids about grooming and improving their appearance. These dedicated stylists and barbers provide three complimentary service appointments and also serve as mentors and role models while our KHAIR kids work to develop their confidence.


Who KHAIR’s?

We do, and we hope you do too!

You can help the KHAIR program and the kids in need that it serves in a number of ways from donating resources directly to volunteering your time. We receive generous support from a number of local professionals, who offer their time to present life skills workshops for our KHAIR kids. Volunteers can also donate their time at a KHAIR event or help provide transportation for KHAIR kids. If you are a licensed hair stylist or barber, you can join our network of mentors and make a difference by providing complementary hair services and becoming a role model to a KHAIR participant.

Where do I sign up?

It’s simple! Visit our website at to see the variety of ways you can help KHAIR serve at-risk kids or email us at to get started. When you join our team of volunteers, you will have the unique ability to have a positive impact on the life of an area teenager. Please consider this great opportunity and join us in making a difference! You can also donate on our website by clicking “Donate Now!”  Whether you decide to volunteer, donate or both, you can make a difference in the lives of at-risk youth in your community by supporting KHAIR today.


Cooking Matters at Clinton Avenue School, New Haven!

Happy 2016 to the Cooking Matters Connecticut family!


We closed out 2015 by making a meaningful difference in the lives of a group of students at Clinton Avenue School in New Haven with a six week Cooking Matters for Kids program. It’s always great to see young boys and girls exploring the art of food preparation, tasting, and cooking healthy meals for themselves and their peers.

The program empowered our young participants with knowledge about food and healthy eating. They learned about:

· The importance of having a balanced diet

· How to read a recipe and understand measurements

· How to make quick, easy and delicious meals

· Why reading and understanding food labels is important

The kids were able to learn about and taste unfamiliar foods, including blackberries, fresh garlic, cilantro and red onion. They also learned how to make healthier versions of popular dishes.

Longtime Cooking Matters Connecticut volunteer, Kaushal Vaidya, helped lead an in-class activity called “Sugar Overload” designed to teach the kids how much sugar is in popular fruit juices and sodas. The group measured the amount of sugar in each drink and found that some contained over 20 teaspoons! The visual impact was very effective for helping the kids understand what they were consuming.

After learning the sugar content in these drinks, the kids were taught how to make healthy drinks in class. They made fruit smoothies and a “healthy soda” made from seltzer water, fresh lemons, and a small amount of fruit juice. The kids enjoyed preparing the drinks and were eager to try what they made.

By the end of the program, these kids were more open to tasting different, healthy foods; and had a better understanding of the snacks provided by their school. It was wonderful to see this group of kids become more cognizant about what they are eating, and gain an understanding of the fact that COOKING MATTERS!